Famous citizens of Chelmno:

1.    Bendig Brunon  (ur. 1938-2006), boxer, Olympic medallist from Rome 1960
2.    Bodzianowski Cezary (ur. 1968 r.) – artist, performance artist
3.    ks. Brzeziński Tadeusz–parish priest of the cathedral in Pelplinie, director of the Bernardinum publishing company
4.    Dziekan Barbara (ur. 1954 r.) – actress, played the m. in. in  „Trzy kolory: Biały”(1993), „To ja, złodziej” (2000), „Długi weekend”(2004)
5.    Dziekan Bogumiła– writer
6.    Garczyński Tadeusz -maths teacher, fan of history
7.    gen. brygady Grobelny Benedykt – the boss of the POW Logistics, the second in command of the POW Circle,
         (at present senior citizen)
8.     prof. Grubych Joachim (ur. 1935 r.) – musician – organist, made his debut at the International Organ Festival into Oliwias (1960),
         gave a concert in 25 countries of Europe, honoured by way of of the holder of an honorary doctorate of the music academy in Warsaw
9.    Guderian Heinz  (ur. 1888-1954) – general, author of German armoured doctrine, author of the book  “Achtung Panzer”
10.    Gumowska Hanna zd. Ściesińska– painter, lives in Sweden
11.    Kałdowski Mariusz– artist
12.    Kałuski Marian (ur. 1946 r.) – journalist, writer, historian, scientifically is studying the history of Polish-Jewish relationships and
          polish- ukrainian, awarded a “Krzyżem Zasługi”(1991)
13.    Kowalski Władysław – writer
14.    Kürbis Brygida  (ur. 1921-2001) – historian mediaevalist, with author of over three hundred thirty scientific works,
15.    prof. Kwiatkowska Eugenia– geographer, fan of history
16.    Lakhdar Farid (ur. 1977 r.) – musician, actor, “Fame” participated in the musical, he appeared with the team Hi Street (1998), solo
         album “Realniey” (2004),
17.    Lejkowski Stanisław (ur. 1929 r.) – painter, vice-chairman of the Bydgoszcz ZPAP Circle, is dealing with the design and the
         realization of insides of public buildings and trade shows, with commercial design, with advertising painting on elevations and with
          sculpture m. in. co-author of the monument  Walki i Męczeństwa in Chełmno
18.    Löns Hermann- (ur. 29.08.1866 zm. 26.09.1914), naturalist, journalist, poet Heide/Borów Lüneburger Lüneburskich. In Prussia he
          spent 18 years of the youth (year in Chełmno, later in Wałcz) who formed his personality. The more late practical road led him to
          Westfalii and Niedersachsen/Dolnej Saksonii and in the end as the soldier to France, where fell during and of world war.
19.    ks. dr Lewandowski Krzysztof- vice-chancellor of a seminary in Pelplinie
20.    Mielczarski Grzegorz (ur. 1971 r.) – footballer, sports commentator one from the largest TV station in Poland, the Olympic
         vice-champion from Barcelona 1992 in the football, in the past represented colours of the FC club Postage
21.    Mrozek Wojciech (ur. 1967 r.) – musician – clarinettist
22.    prof. Murawska Maria – vice-chancellor of the music academy in Bydgoszcz, earlier served: of deputy dean of the Instrumental
          Department (1990 – 1996), of dean of the Instrumental Department (1996 – 1999), of pro-vice chancellor to teaching matters.
23.    Pobłocka Ewa (ur. 1957 r.) – musician – pianist, the V winner of the place on the X International Piano im. Competition of Fryderyk
         Chopin (1980), professor of the music academy in Bydgoszcz
24.    Polakowska Daria (ur. 1986 r.) – canoeist, for member of the national team in the classical canoeing, medallist of the European
          championships 2 x bronze
25.    ks. prałat Sadowski Roman–father confessor, theologian
26.    prof. Stanecki Janusz (ur. 1960 r.) – musician, dean of the Department of the Choral Conducting and the Musical Education at the
          music academy in Bydgoszcz, juryman of the most important choral competitions in Poland, among others  “Legnica Cantat”,
         “Ogólnopolskiego Konkursu Chórów”, “Szkolnych a cappella”,” Regionalnych Konkursów Chórów Szkół Muzycznych”,
27.    prof. Szupryczyński Jan (ur. 1934 r.) – geographer – traveller
28.    Raszeja Franciszek  (ur. 1896-1942) – doctor orthopaedist, victim of the Nazi crime,
29.    Raszeja Leon  (ur. 1901-1939) – lawyer, worker for voluntary causes, mayor of Toruń (1936)
30.    Raszeja Maksymilian  (ur. 1889- 1939) –theologian, worker for voluntary causes, victim of the Nazi crime
31.    prof. de Tchorzewski Andrzej–teacher
32.    Stirner Max -he lived together with his mother to 12 of year of living in Chełmno (Kulm), outstanding German philosopher