The Chelmno Community Centre

The Chelmno Community Centre (ChDK) is a self-government cultural institution gathering the highest number of participants of the rich cultural life of the city. Forms of the activities are shaped by needs of society and tradition. Various children’s interests, as well as teenagers’ and adults’ are pursued mainly through work in teams, circles and sections. The Song and Dance Ensemble ‘Pomorze’ that has been performing for the last 20 years is one of the best known and one of the biggest groups. In its career it has performed innumerable times on national and international stages presenting Polish national dances and dances from almost every region of the country. The Folk Dance Ensemble ‘Kundzia’ presents equally rich and interesting repertoire. The CHDK Brass Band together with the accompanying majorettes is the band most often seen on the streets of Chelmno. The band has won many prestigious prizes and awards, among them: 1st prize in the Contest For Teenage Brass Bands in Hungary (1996) and 1st prize in the Review of Brass Bands of the Province (1999). The Modern Dance Ensemble ‘Flash’ is also a well-known and liked group successfully representing the city in both national and international dance contests. Apart from all the above mentioned groups the inhabitants of Chelmno can pursue their hobbies in various sections, such as: acting, modelling, art, photographic, music, dance and rhythm, chess, and in the Senior Citizen Club. The Community Centre looks after amateur artistic movement in the city and cooperates with institutions and societies of similar or the same aims. ChDK is a main organizer of numerous cultural and recreational events. The biggest ones which are organized cyclically the following: THE DAYS OF CHELMNO (24.06-2.07), PROVINCIAL FOLKLORE MEETINGS (July), SUMMER BRASS BANDS’ MEETINGS (June – July), FESTIVAL OF CHILDREN’S AND TEENAGE SONGS (November), KINDERGARTEN SONG FESTIVAL (March), CHILDREN’S THEATRES REVIEW (May).

Chełmiński Dom Kultury
ul. Dworcowa 40 a
tel. (+48) 56 686-48-08, (+48) 56 677-17-84