The most important industries in Chelmno are the following: Fabryka Akcesoriow Meblowych S.A. (furniture accessories), Adriana S.A. (upholstered furniture), IMS Group (furniture) and Zaklady Sprzetu Mechanicznego “URSUS” Spolka z o.o.(mechanical equipment).
In 1999 there were 1494 business entities registered in the city, mostly connected with trade, service and building industry.

Fabryka Akcesoriow Meblowych FAM S.A.
Not many people remember that the history of Die-casting Technology Join-stock Company (FAM) starts in 1945 when in 22nd Stycznia St. Chelmno Factory of Wire Nets and Farming Equipment Repairs was created. It produced mainly wire nets and washboards. The fact of incorporating the factory into the Central Committee of Furniture Industry in 1954 changed its production scope significantly. The systematically growing factory is moved to new premises in Polna St. in 1970. In 1994 FAM is transformed into a sole proprietorship of the State Treasury and a year later its shares are submitted to the State Treasury National Funds. Currently FAM Ltd. in Chelmno is the Polish biggest producer of cabinet and furniture hardware as well as die-cast construction elements. Its range is over 800 products in total, including furniture hinges and handles, keys, locks, door handles, or window hinges. All the products on offer are manufactured on the factory premises. The company sells its products to over 1,500 firms, both Polish and foreign, which proves their high quality.

Fabryka Akcesoriow Meblowych FAM S.A.
ul. Polna 8
86-200 Chelmno
tel. (056) 692-90-00 fax. 692-93-63

The name Adriana has been connected with a production of upholstered furniture for over ten years, which also means finishing and mercerizing fabrics and putting finishing touches. But Adriana is more than just that, there are new branches of production, new customers, workplaces and investments. On Adriana’s offer, besides already known sofas, corner settees, armchairs, rich in patterns and designs fabrics, we can also find modern pinewood furniture for all kinds of interiors, and also… family houses. The Adriana factories are located not only in Kijewo Krolewskie – the home town of the company; there are also plants in Chelmno, Lodz and Jastrow. Adriana is one of the 100 biggest Polish exporters, known on many European markets, and, what is more important, its presence on the Polish market is more and more significant. The company looks after its interest developing its sales network – Domo faber. So far Adriana has been concentrating on developing its production and sales but does not forget about the environment in which it functions. The firm looks for new fields for exploration preserving, however, the unchangeable rules of being reliable and open.

ul. Dworcowa 40
86-200 Chelmno
86-253 Kijewo Krolewskie
tel. (056) 677-21-00 fax. 677-21-80

IMS Group
The IMS Group is one of the leading representatives of the European furniture industry. Develops, manufactures and promotes upholstered furniture and chestnuts in various styles and price categories under such brands as Bydgoszcz Furniture, Sofa Stage, Newlook and Helvetia. It sells in 30 European countries (and not only). The main markets are: Switzerland, Germany, Austria, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland. IMS has 7 production plants in Poland, including one in Chelmno. The values of the group are: innovation, modern design, comfort, ecology and sustainable quality. IMS is one of the main players and a reliable partner in the European furniture industry.

IMS Sofa Sp. z o.o.
ul. Szosa Grudziądzka 19
86-200 Chełmno
tel. (52) 555 16 25

Zaklad Sprzetu Mechanicznego “Ursus” Sp. z o.o.
This Mechanical Equipment Factory (ZPM) started specializing in production of clutches for Ursus tractors in 1959. However, the history of the plant dates back to 1864 when mainly treadmills, cultivators, lids for drains and drain pipes were produced. After many transformations the plant was incorporated into ZPC “Ursus” structures in 1972. In December 1998 ZSM “Ursus” Spolka z o.o. was registered on the basis of the company’s property and the staff . ZPC ” Ursus” S.A. in Warsaw is the owner of all the shares of the company. The plant produces components and spares for farm tractors, forklifts, and harvesters, among others: clutches, clutch discs, water pumps, tractor engine heads, and brake discs.

Zakłady Sprzętu Mechanicznego „URSUS” Sp. z o. o.
ul. Słowackiego 3a
86-200 Chełmno
tel. (56) 677 01 40
fax. (56) 677 01 44



The beginning of the company’s activity dates back to 1951, when Chełmińska Hospital Equipment Factory was established in Chełmno. During the 40 years of state-run factory production of hospital carts, treatment tables, bedside tables, medical cabinets, medical equipment for wheelchairs.
In 1992, the factory was privatized. As a result, the company Famed Spółka z oo.o. took over, which took over the acquis and the production and technological potential of the state-owned enterprise. The company’s headquarters and production facility were located in Stolno, hence the company adopted the Famed-Stolno marketing name.
In 2001 the company started a close cooperation with the Stiegelmeyer Group. By combining the potential with the German shareholder, our company has expanded its range of medical furniture, gained access to international know-how, and utilized new developments in the design and manufacture of medical furniture.
2004 marked the beginning of a dynamic transformation of the company. It was then decided to change the name from Famed-Stolno to Stolter.
On March 30, 2015 Stolter changed its name to Stiegelmeyer. Thanks to the new strategy, medical beds manufactured in Polish factories in line with German quality standards have begun to equip medical facilities around the world.

86-212 Stolno
Grubno 63
Tel. (56) 677 14 00
Fax. (56) 677 14 10