Aid funds

Information concerning possibilities of acquiring financial aid from the EU funds and programs, information portals of governmental and extra-governmental organizations supporting various enterprises financially.

Information concerning all the EU programs and funds as well as extra-governmental organizations
European Union
Committee for European Integration Office
Kujawsko-Pomorskie Voivodship Council in Bydgoszcz
Speaker’s Office Of The Kujawsko-Pomorskie Voivodship in Torun
Internet database of extra-governmental organizations and institutions
Portal MG concerning Structural Funds
Cooperation Fund

Enterprise development, support for small and medium businesses, work
Euro Info Centre
Polish Agency for Enterprise Development
Domestic System of Services of small and medium enterprises
The United Nations to matters of the industrial development – Office of the Promotion of Investment and the UNIDO ITPO Technology Warsaw
Ministry of the Economy and the Work
Ministry of the social policy
News bulletin Offices of the Work
PARP consulting point at the Kujawsko-pomorski Chamber of the Craft and the Entrepreneurship in Bydgoszcz

Education, culture, sports, tourism, international cooperation, organization of events
Ministry of the Culture
Nationalist Centre of the Culture
National contact point to matters of Culture 2000
Foundation of the economic education Domestic System of Preparations for structural funds
Poland Tourist Organization
Ministry of National Education and Sport
Ministry of the Learning and the Computerization
The State Committee for Scientific Research
Foundation of the Polish-German Cooperation
Eberta Friedrich foundation
Stefan Batory foundation