Ludwik Rydygier

He was born on 21st August 1850 in Dusocin near Grudziac. In the years 1859 – 1861 he attended secondary school in Chojnice, and then from 1861 to 1869 the Chelmno High School. Between 1869 and 1878 he studied medicine in Germany in, among others, Greifswald, Jena, Berlin and Strasburg. In 1874 he gained his doctorate in surgery and obstetrics and in 1878 he habilitated. He started his career in surgery clinics in Jena and Vienna. Then, in 1879 he returned to Chelmno where he founded a private surgery clinic in a house at 9 Dworcowa Street. At the time it was one of the most modern hospitals and it was there where on 16th November 1880 the world’s first described stomach resection as cancer treatment took place. A year later, on 21st November 1881 he conducted another, equally important surgery – a resection of stomach with gastrointestinal ulcers. Among many Rydygier’s achievements is also an operation of joining intestines and joints tuberculosis treatment.
Dr L. Rydygier wrote a great number of medical studies (about 200), including Theoretical and practical textbook of surgery. Unfortunately, he left the city in 1887 when he was appointed a Professor at the Jagiellonian University and took the chair of surgery. In 1889 he moved to the reactivated the Doctor Department at the Lvov University where he took the chair of the surgery department.
He took part in the war in 1920 as the sanitary chief of Pomerania at the rank of Lieutenant-General. He is also regarded as the creator of the first military sanitary service.
He died suddenly on 25th June 1920 in Lvov and was buried at the Lychakivskiy Cemetery.